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introduction to ketamine-assisted

psychotherpy (KAP)

Widening Circles offers an Introduction to Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) program to experience assessment, preparation, one KAP session and one integration session prior to committing to a full course of KAP treatment.

Screening, Education + Orientation  |  1 hr

Medical Evaluation for KAP |  1 hr
KAP Therapist Assessment + Preparation  |  2 hr

Initial KAP with Therapist + Prescriber |  2 hr 

Integration with Therapist |  1 hr

Basic labs 
Cost of medication 


Total Intro


Screening. Upon receipt of referral or contact from patient,  staff calls patient to discuss suitability for ketamine treatment. If determined clinically appropriate,  staff electronically sends new patient paperwork, obtains releases, gathers needed medical history, creates a chart and schedules a KAP Medical Evaluation. 


medical evaluation with prescriber. KAP prescriber reviews medical history to determine safety and medical appropriateness of KAP treatment. An initial dosage and route of administration  (IM, troche) is discussed at this time.

kap psychotherapist assessment + PREPARATION. A biopsychosocial interview and assessment is completed with one of our licensed psychotherapists trained in KAP. This includes gathering detailed background information and formulating a collaborative, integrative treatment plan.  Preparation is This is a time for cultivating a sense of safety, connection and trust prior to the initial KAP session. During this time, the therapist offers prompts to discuss and develop personal intentions and to explore ceremony + ritual. This is also a time to choose an appropriate music playlist, review paperwork + answer questions, create or review safety plans, identify post-session escort, etc. 

Initial KAP Session. Session is scheduled with both KAP therapist and prescriber (or designated medical staff) present. If medication is tolerated well, subsequent KAP sessions may be conducted with prescriber on-site rather than in session.  

Integration. Patient is scheduled with KAP therapist for an integration session to discuss KAP experience and determine ways to best integrate the experience. Integration session is held 24-48 hours after KAP session to optimize neuroplasticity and the interaction of healing and learning. 

Continuing Care. Providers and patient determine appropriate individualized course of treatment moving forward. 

referral process

Prospective Patients: If you are interested in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, please complete our  KAP Screening Form. Submitting this confidential form does not constitute a provider/patient relationship. 


Healthcare Providers: If you'd  like to refer a patient for to Widening Circles for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, please fill out our confidential, electronic Widening Circles Healthcare Provider KAP Referral Form and we will be in touch with your patient.

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