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Ilona Csapo, MD, is a nationally renowned, Dartmouth-trained psychiatrist, addictionologist and treatment consultant with many years of experience working with buprenorphine, addiction, and dually-diagnosed conditions. 

She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from Dartmouth Medical School in 2002 and completed a general psychiatry residency at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM in 2006. She decided to become a certified Suboxone provider in 2004 after witnessing the positive impact it had on patients' lives. Dr. Csapo is board certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (#59210) and with the American Board of Addiction Medicine (#2010112). She is also a member of the American Psychiatric Association and the North Carolina Medical Society. 


Dr. Csapo offers individual psychiatry for adults and specializes in providing compassionate, experienced and customized psychiatric care for a range of mental health and addiction-related conditions. She is comfortable and competent in treating dually-diagnosed patients - from an acute onset of symptoms to the management of chronic mental illness. At times, clients come wanting to minimize or taper their psychiatric medications. Dr. Csapo is committed to working with each patient to meet individualized goals in a safe and responsible manner. 


In her free time, Dr. Csapo loves mountain biking, hiking, swimming, reading and spending time with her menagerie of rescue pups - Isaa, Boudreaux, Gabby and Sonny. You can see more about Dr. Csapo's private practice at



Brandan is a student of life and is devoted to helping others.  Formerly practicing as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician, Brandan has devoted much of his professional career towards working with patients utilizing traditional approaches in conjunction with evidence-based integrative therapies.  His interest in integrative therapies began as a young adult while completing a BA in Wilderness Therapy and Holistic Health from Prescott College, AZ in 2000. During his undergraduate education he was fortunate to be exposed to the profound healing potential of non-ordinary states as they apply to Transpersonal Psychology. 

Continued pursuits in understanding the relationship between mind and body led him to complete Asheville Yoga Center’s 200hr Teacher Training in 2001, followed closely by graduation as a bodywork therapist from the Center For Massage and Natural Health in 2003.  In 2006 he obtained an Osteopathic Medical Degree from The Virginal College of Osteopathic Medicine and later graduated from UT Chattanooga’s  Family Medicine Residency Program in 2010. 

Brandan is currently passionate about the safe, ethical and transformative use of psychedelic therapies to treat patients with history of Trauma and/or Treatment Resistant Depression.  He completed training in Ketamine- Assisted Psychotherapy with The Ketamine Training Center NYC in 2019.  He is slated to complete an MDMA therapy training sponsored by MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) in the Spring of 2022. 

Brandan is the Medical Director for the local nonprofit, The Pearl Psychedelic InstituteThe Pearl has been created to advance the study and understanding of psychedelic medicines through research, treatment, training and community education.  The long-term goal as these medicines become legalized is to establish a reduced cost clinic in Western North Carolina where these emerging treatments can be accessible to those in need.



Lee Anne is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who is board certified (PMHNP-BC) in family psychiatric nursing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing and an additional certification to function as a nurse practitioner.  She also holds a certificate in integrative psychiatry. 

Lee Anne commonly treats mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. Additionally, she is comfortable working with clients facing post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, substance use disorders, and eating disorders. She can also provide sessions in Ericksonian Solution Oriented Hypnotherapy.

"My true love in nursing has always been in psychiatry.  I’ve worked as an inpatient psychiatric nurse with pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations.  But I’ve also worked as a nurse case manager, nurse manager, and corporate trainer and bring knowledge from those careers as well.  I can’t imagine a more fulfilling profession than what I’m doing now and know this is where I am supposed to be in my career and service work in life."

More information about Lee Anne's individual practice can be found at



Faith started her journey as a healing professional at Blue Ridge Health Services in 2015. As a Physician Assistant in the Community Health Center, she gained experience supporting patients as they work toward their goals of healing in a resource-limited setting. During this time, she came to recognize that prescribed medications, while at times very useful, are not the only tool that should be utilized in one’s healing journey.  As a result, she sought out further training in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and the Internal Family Systems Modality of Therapy. Through these trainings and through her own personal work, she has connected with her own innate healing intelligence and looks forward to guiding patients in their journey to working with theirs.  


Excited to work with an integrative team, she will deliver therapies with the goal of guiding toward healing from within. She’ll be offering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and in the spring of 2023, Internal Family Systems.


Her pursuit to help others started as an undergrad at the University of Arizona, where she graduated from the College of Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Spanish. In 2015 she earned a Master of Science as a Physician Assistant from South University in Savannah, GA.  While she enjoyed living in the Lowcountry, she deeply connects with the mountains and with nature.   She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English and looks forward to serving Spanish-speaking patients.  


In her free moments, Faith enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors, including hiking to waterfalls around Western North Carolina. When she can be caught indoors, she enjoys a good read, especially historical fiction, and spending time with her dogs Luna, Boomer, and Hazel.





Kim's approach offers compassionate connection and mindful, heart-centered care. Kim has advanced training in evidence-based approaches including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP); Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) MDMA Therapy Training Program (2019) and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) in Colorado. Kim has also studied herbalism through HERBalachia. Kim has volunteered as a faculty member with PRATI and is excited to be working with The Pearl Psychedelic Institute as the Training Director. 

Her treatment orientation is rooted in existential/humanistic psychotherapy; ecopsychology (“connection with” vs. “power over”); harm reduction psychotherapy; EMDR (adaptive resolution of trauma); and DBT (mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation.)

​Kim holds a Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling (2005) from the University of Alabama and has experience working in a myriad of settings: universities; community mental health centers; school-based mental health; and a domestic violence shelter. She and Ilona Csapo, MD founded Willow Wellness and Recovery in 2013 and joined with other like-minded colleagues to create Widening Circles in 2017.


In her free time, she enjoys hiking, paddling, gardening, photography, watercolor and playing with her furry, four-legged-children. More information about Kim's individual therapy practice can be found at



Teva Hite, MS, LCMHC, is an outpatient therapist in Asheville, NC. Teva is trained to provide professional, relevant, and effective counseling services for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Teva’s areas of interest include: mood disorders, attention disorders, trauma, grief, self-identity and spirituality. Teva has completed extensive training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an evidenced-based treatment for trauma.


Teva specializes in the use of neurofeedback technology and EMDR to support a broad range of neurologically and/or psychologically traumatized clients within her clinical practice. 

Teva’s theoretical orientation is rooted in providing a safe, supportive place for all individuals, clinically drawing from a wide range of theories and practices, including: neurobiology, expressive arts, existential counseling, feminist therapy, person-centered therapy, and family systems. 

Prior to her training as neurofeedback therapist, Teva worked in the community mental health setting since 2001, including intensive in home therapy, family reunification and visitation coaching, and community support. Teva has experience also working with adults with developmental disabilities using expressive art therapy. 



Angie Haviland, LCSW, LCAS is an outpatient therapist who developS supportive and healing relationships with her clients. She has been working for approximately 16 years in community mental health clinics serving a large variety of issues and clientele.  Angie also has a passion for working for recovery of substance abuse and healing of childhood experiences.  Angie is a BSW graduate of Warren Wilson College here in Asheville, NC and MSW graduate of New Mexico State University.  Angie works primarily through CBT, DBT, systems theories and person-centered therapy. 

Angie loves to marvel at the mountains of WNC whether admiring them from her backyard, hiking through them, kayaking in water systems around them or just breathing the mountain air.  Angie can often be found snuggling her dogs, Lucy and Maggie or eating the delicious food around Asheville.   




Kurt practices from a strengths-based perspective, allowing clients to harness their own power in creating change in their lives. Integrating transpersonal theory and therapeutic work in the outdoors opens space for clients to find connection to nature, to others, and ultimately to themselves. Kurt has worked in wilderness therapy since 2014. He has provided neurofeedback in a transitional living facility for young adults with attachment concerns. 

Kurt grew up in western North Carolina and received a bachelor’s  in social work (BSW) from Appalachian State University in 2013 and a master's in social work (MSW) from Western Carolina University in 2020. Kurt is drawn to the helping profession to share his experience, strength, and hope with others. He enjoys working with others to develop a relationship with the natural world.

In his spare time, Kurt enjoys hiking and backpacking with his wife and their dog, playing drums and guitar, and cooking. 


Allison is currently a student at WCU who will graduate in May of 2022, with an MSW and a focus in substance use and addiction. Previously, Allison has worked in community mental health settings and therapeutic wilderness programs. She is mom of 2 wonderful girls, an active community member, and social justice advocate. Her strength-based approach seeks to empower people as they become the best version of themselves; using a person centered approach to gently guide individuals into self-actualization. Allison is looking forward to her future as a licensed clinician in Asheville, NC. 

In her free time she enjoys running, attempting interesting athletic adventures, gardening, and connecting with family and friends! 




Evlyn is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work at Western Carolina University. Evlyn approaches mental health from a compassionate, trauma-informed, humanistic, feminist, and person-centered perspective. She is excited to increase her acumen around innovative trauma treatment and to her future as a licensed clinical social worker here in Asheville.


Evlyn lives with her golden retriever, Tanner, and her tabby cat, Lorelei. In her free time, she likes to get out in the woods with Tanner, find epic mountain swim holes, cook, play Rummikub, and connect with loved ones.



Sam’s journey towards counseling began while working at Buddhist meditation retreats where he was able to witness the power of awareness, exploration, and relational experimentation to transform struggles into strengths. His practice is woven around the perspective that most problems can be traced back to feelings of fragmentation or not belonging in some way. Using a foundation of compassionate curiosity, he helps people by walking beside them on their journey back towards wholeness, always reminding them that they belong and can thrive wherever life finds them.   


His theoretical approach is supported by both the evidence-based practice of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a psychodynamic perspective that meaningfully examines how the past manifests itself in the present. Some techniques that he uses include dialogue, directed compassion, decentering, cognitive reframing, meditation and breathing exercises, somatic self-monitoring, and dream exploration.  


He will graduate from Lenoir-Rhyne University in August of 2023 with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, gardening, swimming in nearby creeks, creating music with his wife, and rolling around on the ground with his 2-year old son.  




Michelle grew up gardening in middle Tennessee and was lucky enough to have a grandfather who led her on adventures such as wild mushroom hunting and making dandelion wine. The peach doesn’t fall far from the tree!


Her formal herbal studies include a masters degree in Chinese medicine from Daoist Traditions and studies at the Chestnut School, both in Asheville. She recently completed doctoral studies in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Daoist Traditions, where she has previously taught courses. 


She encourages patients to share their unique health story, then collaborates with them to create a treatment plan to meet their healthcare goals. She incorporates her knowledge of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet, and lifestyle modifications so that each person is supported in reaching their greatest health potential. She makes every effort to provide consistency through pain or illness, which can be a difficult journey. Patients have described Michelle as “relaxed yet action-oriented.”

Michelle is the founder of HERBalachia, a community herbalism program offering a unique education through teaching local plant identity, world herbal traditions, sustainable harvesting practices, medicine making, and an overall inward journey of the self.



Like so many involved in healing work, Liz's background is varied, experiential and distinctly unique. She has learned that there is no better teacher than life itself. She's traveled a long road to arrive home to a place of integrated lived experience and can share with you the uncommon wisdom found along the way. She believes in the value found through the power of discernment and the importance of paying attention to the cycles of change and transformation. The practical application of the living wisdom contained in ordinary reality is the cornerstone of her offerings. 

In 1986, at the age of 24, she helped organize the Adult Children of Alcoholics movement in Savannah, Georgia. This was the doorway that led her into the realm of spiritual exploration, personal growth and healing as a way of life. Her entry into the world of Astrology followed shortly thereafter. This combination, beginning with ACOA, astrology, extensive therapy and psychospiritual development, set the course for her growing passion to understand the “why” of existence.


Liz's work as a whole brings together a quality of understanding that facilitates a shift towards more authentic self- knowledge. It’s a deeply affirming, loving and compassionate experience to explore your astrological blueprint with her. She is a big believer in the practical application of spiritual wisdom so you can face your life with courage, faith and grace. The knowing that every single experience is absolutely bringing you into contact with your highest Self is what connects you to the essence of All That Is. Please see Liz's website for more information about her intuitive astrology practice.