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ketamine-assisted psychotherapy treatment + continuing care

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Program 
Assessment + Discovery Services

kap + follow-up sessions


KAP session. Depending on your chosen treatment plan, your provider(s) will sit with you for the duration of the medicine experience. While most patients find 2 hours suitable for KAP, others may benefit or prefer a 3 hour session. A prescriber and/or RN is on site to provide IM injections and to ensure safety.  


Intramuscular (IM) injections tend to kick in within 3-7 minutes after administration and oral routes of administration (lozenges/troches/oral solution) tend to take 12-15 minutes for you to feel the effects of the medicine.  While IM injections are used most frequently in our office, we have found that patients with a significant trauma history sometimes prefer the slower engagement offered by oral/SL ketamine. Your prescriber will talk with you about the optimal route of administration for you.

The typical outline of a KAP session starts with a provider recording your vitals - blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygenation level. We will verify that you have been fasting 4-6 hours and pretreat nausea as needed. Prior to ketamine administration, we will review your intentions, identify your chosen music playlist and make sure you are comfortable. 

Ketamine is administered and your provider(s) are with you during the duration of the experience. We take notes about what surfaces for you to discuss in integration sessions. We are with you as the medicine begins to wear off and you begin the integration process.

integration. Integration sessions allow time and space to make meaning of your ketamine experiences and to integrate valuable insights gained in KAP sessions into your daily life. "Ultimately and ideally, ketamine integration is interdisciplinary (drawing on dimensions of psychology, physical activity, and artistic expression), and clients are assumed to be multi-intentioned and seeking different outcomes along spectrums of healing and/or spiritual and personal growth." ("Understanding Ketamine" training by Fluence, 2021)


We offer additional integration in the form of additional psychotherapy, neurofeedback, acupuncture, intuitive astrology, coaching, etc. Our program is unique in that you have a multidisciplinary treatment team that meets on a regular basis to coordinate care. 

follow-up with prescriber. The follow-up with your prescriber is a time to discuss your progress and overall treatment plan moving forward. At this time, you may decide to continue with a treatment program, step down to a lesser level of care for maintenance, or resume care with your referring provider.  

Continuing Care. Providers and patient determine appropriate individualized course of treatment moving forward. 



In an effort to provide a variety of price points, Widening Circles has providers with differing levels of licensure, expertise and experience. Based on your needs, we can craft an individualized treatment program for you.  Best practice in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is to have two guides present during your medicine session. Intern therapists attend weekly supervision with fully licensed therapists. 

Integration sessions

     Session with Licensed Therapist trained in KAP  $200
     Session with Intern Therapist  $100


2-hr KAP sessions 

     KAP session with Physician's Assistant $450

     KAP session with Licensed Therapist $400
     KAP session with Psych RN  $200

     KAP session with Intern Therapist  $200


3-hr KAP sessions

     KAP session with Physician's Assistant  $675

     KAP session with Licensed Therapist  $600
     KAP session with Psych RN  $300

     KAP session with Intern Therapist $300

Medical Follow-Ups

     Prescriber Follow-Up, 30 min  $200
     Prescriber Follow-Up, 1 hr  $350


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