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A highly individualized, intensive + integrative mental health treatment PROGRAM 

About the heliotrope program

Widening Circles was born in 2017 in the heart of the Appalachian mountains in western North Carolina. Heliotrope, our flagship treatment program, offers the highest quality, most individualized, intensive, and integrative outpatient mental health care available. 


Heliotrope offers truly individualized mental healthcare through a unique multidisciplinary combination of integrative psychiatry, functional medicine, qEEG- guided neurofeedback, psychotherapy, coaching and more. 

Why Heliotrope?

Plants exhibiting heliotropism turn towards the sun. In ancient Greek, “helio” refers to the sun and “tropism” means a turning or movement of a living organism. Heliotrope is also a name for a mineral in the jasper family called bloodstone. In Daoist stone medicine, bloodstone is a powerful ally for revitalizing your blood – the essential life force flowing through your veins. It is recognized as a key remedy for alleviating "frozen blood" and addressing internal traumas that may hinder our life force. Bloodstone revitalizes our inherent essence, instilling courage during challenges and propelling us into action. As integrative mental health providers, we are committed to working with each of our patients to restore vitality and balance, supporting them in turning towards hope and healing.   

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What Makes Heliotrope Unique? 

Heliotrope offers truly individualized mental healthcare through a unique multidisciplinary combination of integrative psychiatry, functional medicine, qEEG- guided neurofeedback, psychotherapy, coaching and more. 

How Does the Heliotrope program work? 

At assessment, Widening Circles clinical staff creates a one-of-a-kind, individualized treatment plan based on patient preferences, strengths, and needs. We work with each patient closely to determine what approaches, skill sets, and services will be most beneficial. 

Typically, each patient has a "primary therapist" who guides the patient's treatment plan. Our multidisciplinary treatment team meets face-to-face on a weekly basis and communicates regularly to ensure coordinated, integrated care. Though each patient's treatment plan differs, most patients engage in five individualized contacts per week. This may vary based on the specific services that are a part of your individualized plan.

is heliotrope right for me? 

Heliotrope primarily serves motivated patients seeking a higher level of care than traditional outpatient treatment can provide; those seeking a supportive aftercare option following inpatient or residential care; and patients who may receive benefit from working one-on-one with members of a coordinated treatment team. Many of our providers are dually licensed to treat mental health and substance use disorder conditions and have years of experience working with the interplay of complex trauma, addiction and mental health concerns.

Heliotrope differs from our newer, group-based Heartwood Integrative Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program.  At this time, the commercial insurance industry does not recognize the level of individualized care provided through Heliotrope. In order to serve patients needing to utilize commercial health insurance, we have created an adapted, group-based program that fits within the confines of the Intensive Outpatient Program insurance service definition.

heliotrope monthly treatment program
services and fees 

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
A comprehensive clinical assessment is completed by one of our licensed psychotherapists. This includes gathering detailed background information about your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. The therapist will discuss the assessment findings with the team and create an individualized treatment plan. If it is determined you would benefit from a different level of care, we will provide treatment recommendations and referral options. 

Cost: $250

Heliotrope Monthly Treatment Program

While each patient’s treatment plan varies, participants generally engage in five individual therapeutic contacts per week, plus psychiatry. Treatment plans consist of a tailored combination of integrative psychiatry; functional medicine; individual and/or relational psychotherapy; qEEG-guided neurofeedback; coaching (recovery/employment/career/educational exploration); intuitive astrology; herbal medicine and more. Our team collaborates regularly and holds weekly treatment team meetings, allowing us to offer our patients the highest quality care. Most patients are with us for a minimum of 3-6 months. 

Initial Month Cost: $7250

First month includes initial psychiatric assessment, qEEG assessment, and comprehensive baseline laboratory evaluation

Subsequent Month Cost: $5700

Step-Down Monthly Treatment Program

Similar to the full program, we offer a step-down option for patients who meet their initial goals.  This is available to program patients who have spent a minimum of three months in our full program.

Cost: $3700

What multidisciplinary services are available as
part of the heliotrop
e treatment program? 

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