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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy 
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The Pearl Psychedelic Institute |  Waynesville, North Carolina 

The Pearl Psychedelic Institute has been created to advance the study and understanding of psychedelic medicines through research, treatment, training and community education.  Institute activities will be conducted safely, ethically and with the deepest respect for the medicines and the people involved in this work.  The long-term goal as these medicines become legalized is to establish a reduced cost clinic in Western North Carolina where these emerging treatments can be accessible to those in need.

Psychedelic Training and Research Institute (PRATI)   |  Colorado

PRATI is a nonprofit community of practitioners, researchers, and educators. PRATI believes in the transformational power of psychedelic medicines for healing people, profession, and planet. Through psychedelic medicine PRATI nurtures a new approach to mental health and illuminates a pathway for individual and planetary healing. PRATI does so by expanding professional capacity for transformational care, restoring a relational paradigm of health and healing, and conducting clinically relevant research.

Fluence   |  New York
Fluence offers continuing education and certificate programs in psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Their programs are designed for licensed professionals and advanced graduate students who have an opportunity to work with patient populations. Although none of their courses have specific prerequisites, a basic working knowledge of the mental health field and practice of psychotherapy is helpful. Their programs are interactive; engage in discussion, demonstration, self-reflection exercises, and role plays. Some of their classes and programs are reserved for licensed clinicians, but many are open anyone who wishes to attend.


Alchemy  |  Oakland, California

Alchemy's mission is to provide high-quality training, accessible psychedelic therapy, and innovative research, fostering effective and culturally-responsive mental health treatment for underserved communities. Their vision is imagining a world where people from all backgrounds have access to cutting-edge, affordable and holistic health care that supports healing of the body, mind, spirit, community and environment. 

KRIYA Ketamine Research Institute + Raquel Bennett, PsyD  |  San Francisco, California

KRIYA Institute is devoted to understanding the therapeutic properties of ketamine (and related medicines). They provide clinical services directly to patients; they give presentations about therapeutic ketamine in a variety of settings; they offer consultation services to physicians and therapists; and they run KRIYA Conference, which was the first conference in the world devoted to the use of ketamine. Their mission is to bring together the most rigorous Science and an appreciation of Spirit in the study of psychospiritual medicines such as ketamine.

Polaris Insight Center  |  San Francisco, California

Polaris Insight Center is dedicated to the ethical and compassionate clinical use of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. They are dedicated to helping people find well-being through the compassionate and ethical use of expanded states of consciousness. They share a deep interest in, and have a broad range of experience working with, the psychotherapeutic potential of expanded states of consciousness. Through their didactic and experiential training programs, they are committed to cultivating clinical skills and expertise for the next generation of psychedelic therapists and clinicians. They offer training and consultation for mental health professionals looking to expand their clinical skills and practices to include KAP. 

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.


Chacruna's mission is to provide public education and cultural understanding about psychedelic plant medicines and promote a bridge between the ceremonial use of sacred plants and psychedelic science. Their vision is envisioning a world where plant medicines and other psychedelics are preserved, protected, and valued as part of our cultural identity and integrated into our social, legal and health care systems.

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